Hot to cut metal with different saws

sawsTo cut metal and more particularly the steel profiles, different tools can be used. I present here the main ones with their advantages and disadvantages and especially a comparison of the quality of the cuts.

Preamble: there are of course other tools to cut the metal but as usual, I speak only of what I have in my possession and so that I could test to give you a real opinion and not an “I heard that”.

The classic grinder

We start off with the tool that every handyman has at home? The small grinder, usually with 125 diameter discs. Found in wired between 50 and 100 $  for models generally under 1000W (more powerful grinders will be more expensive).

Having recently burned my recent grinder (asking him too much?), I have an old model here but it works just as well


its weight and size, which allows it great maneuverability (there are also very flat models for grinding in tight spaces)
a single tool for cutting metal and grinding welds
low cost, especially since it is often a tool that we have already


quality of unspecific cuts and tending to bluish the metal
not suitable for small jobs requiring high precision
difficult to make repeated cuts.
cutting quality:

As said above, the quality of cut is very average. (nb: there are finer discs that allow a relatively more precise/clean work)

The Chainsaw

We pass a notch above with the chainsaw. The concept is the same as the grinder but we work here in stationery with much larger discs.


stationary work
ability to maintain parts
angular guide
greater cutting capacity
the possibility of making repeated cuts by manufacturing a guide and a stop system.
cleaner cut than the manual grinder

its price: 2 to 3 times more expensive than a small grinder
not suitable for small jobs requiring high precision
cutting quality:

As can be seen in the picture, the quality of cut is much better than on the small manual grinder. Nevertheless, there are still areas of blued metal.


can be used in stationary work (by fixing the saw on a worktop)
very high cutting accuracy
ultra-clean cut with no effect on metal
Allows to easily make any angle
Suitable for small parts and work requiring precision


its price: 4 to 5 times more expensive than a small grinder
low cutting height (depending on model and in comparison with a metal chainsaw)
cutting quality:

The Table Saw

Cutting steel with the top rated table saws is the easiest method out of all these.


very smooth to cut

easy to operate

fairly safe if you know what you’re doing


most expensive of them all

can be hard to setup and dusty