Why Marry a Vietnamese Woman?

Vietnamese women are some of the most popular in the world. But why? In this article, we’ll go over all the reasons you should marry one of these ladies.


One of the problems for most people for their wedding is loyalty. Outside of Vietnam, many people separated because they could not trust their spouses. So, Loyalty is generally a virtue of a typical Vietnamese lady. These are also the reasons why you will see a lot of foreigners (Americans, Australians, Others) getting married to these ladies. The difference is completely clear.

If you meet a girl on a dating site then you need to make sure they are actually as loyal as they say. There are a lot of guys that report the girls are not as honest as they say. This vietnamcupid review has more information on the dating scene in Vietnam.


girls in vietnamVietnam is a country that has a long history with many hardships. There is a myth that a Vietnamese girl meets you for your money. The truth is that Vietnamese girls are self-reliant and do not need how much you earn unless you choose to tell them. Many girls just want someone who is cool, kind and you should be an independent guy.

Some men will tell you that girls need your money and you have to be careful. This is a bad allegation and such a person is probably a fool. When you have decided to show a woman that you have met in a bar a quantity of money and she follows you to spend money, she is wise then

If you meet a Vietnamese girl, independent and working class for example. I can tell you that she will take care of herself and will also support you if you are a good person.

Family Oriented

If you are lucky enough to meet a girl who is not from town or spend a few years abroad, she will take care of your family

Many foreigners in bars say that getting married to a Vietnamese girl is to get married to their family, it’s not true. If you want to help, it’s great, it will not be a priority or you will feel that you should do that. Do not insult the family value of a Vietnamese woman. In Vietnam, family members love each other and will stay together during their difficult time.

Although on the expat forum, people complain that their wife’s family wanted them to do this or that, but if you are a bad person who has felt that you can hide your immorality in Vietnam, Karma will travel with you all the way and will lead you to someone who will make your life a hell. But the good Vietnamese woman is not the same if you meet the right person.

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